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You may want to read this first.

A few days ago it was announced I'd been conferred with MBE and as I did the interviews I came across the motivation question. Ive done national interviews before and I am often asked about what motivates me. When I say “God” I sense people get sceptical and they sometimes try to rationalise to me why I ought to take some of the credit.. I get it, there is a jadedness when it comes to talking about God. I too, shared this. There was a time when I don't know which I feared more: going to heaven or going to hell more because according to the encounters I'd had with "religion", heaven seemed to me to be possibly the most boring place ever where everyone was very extremely judgey and I would perpetually fall short.. Talk about mis-selling.

My own personal relationship with God has led me to conclude that God is probably the most mis-sold Being ever. I'm not sure how He stands it.

First of all, I can't take credit for the achievements because the truth is, left to me, I would have royally fudged-up my life.. Every good thing that has ever happened has been because God stepped in.

I have now learnt that the Kingdom of God is simply a different way of living. It’s living for purpose and not trying to get back at everyone. It’s Trusting that God loves you enough to provide for you. Believing that

  1. There is a God, and I’m not Him * originally from the movie Rudy

  2. God is not on a budget. This is my own saying and encapsulates why I can trust God. Because accepting that God’s blessings are not limited and that God can conjure up opportunities for me out of thin air- which He has done in my life more times than I can count, leaves me able to truly be happy for others, not panic when my bank balance doesn’t match the plans God has put in my heart. It leaves me able to take steps that seem crazy when you consider the logic. It means I know that I’m that kid in the playground going on all the rides because my Father is literally hovering to make sure Im okay.

  3. And that God is worth trusting

This leaves you able to live for purpose- ie why you were put on earth by God*; instead of living in a rat-race just to accumulate things which never seem to take the stress away anyway.

*Purpose is always going to be tied to making life better for other people.

And knowing that when you live for purpose, all the other things you could have strived to accumulate will come to you anyway. Believe me, I’m living proof. The more I chased things, the more they eluded me, and even when they didn't elude me, I was so stressed out I could never really enjoy myself anyway. When I got into chasing God and His purpose, the things came looking for me and I have trained myself now not to spend too much time worrying about anything.

Healing the Sick

In biblical times, sickness was mainly physical.. A quick google of “social sickness” will tell you that today's sickness includes isolation, feelings of worthlessness, despair, stress, anxiety.. which coincidentally are all exacerbated by the rat-race approach to life.. I should know, I felt all these emotions before I got into taking God seriously and personally.

Healing people comes from reaching out.

This above explanation is the meaning of "Tell people the kingdom of God is here and go and heal the sick" which coincidentally is the the only thing Jesus told his disciples to spread i.e. preach.

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