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Dinners at Home.

In the last 6 weeks, we have hosted several lunch/dinners here at our home for: Boris Johnson, Liz Truss, Arlene Foster, Matt Ridley, Richard Tice, Brandon Lewis.

I am often asked if I ever get nervous hosting up to 60 such dinners each year if I didn’t attend a finishing school. In truth, I find it easy because I was already trained without knowing it. This is what I saw growing up. My grandfather was a highly respected Barrister and Knight. And I grew up with my grandparents from age 6weeks to 10yrs (when my grandfather died). He and my grandmother hosted large groups of top officials every single weekend at their country home in Nigeria. So you could say I was born into the finishing school I needed; and I learnt to walk toddling around the ankles of dignitaries.

As a child I saw my grandmother effortlessly provide for the Chiefs and Governors and their drivers and aides. I didn’t know it but I was learning. So when I sit at dinner with well known people here at home, it is very important to me that their security details are cared for and made to feel just as welcome. I don’t judge the success of a dinner by how important we made the big man feel, but by how important we made the “least” one feel. I hope I never forget that deep down, I am just a little girl with God’s favour. And this is why I know, you have no idea who you are going to be. Have faith, the best is yet to come. You need not worry about how you will cope with responsibility, you will find it effortless because you’ll realise that you’ve already been trained without even knowing it. God’s gifts are without repentance.


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