I didn’t study cookery or baking. I learnt baking at my mum’s elbow. I learnt cake decorating by trial and error and watching the odd YouTube video. So I learnt the expensive but creative way. You can go and do an expensive course but I don’t think that will give you the wealth of experience and inspire your creativity in the same way as trial and error will.


Some of my best designs have happened by accident when I have been trying to achieve something else entirely. I wrote this book to show you how easy it can be to create a fantastic looking cake. And to let you in on some of the tips that have made my life easier.


I bought a couple of books at the beginning of my cake decorating life similar to this. Those books had glossy pictures of beautiful cakes to inspire you but their instructions were not that great. I have tried within this book to make it as simple and detailed as possible. I hope this unlocks your creativity and gives you the courage to try something new.

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